Pablo Parra

Fragmentos da Memória
São Paulo, Brazil

Pablo Parra (PunkArt Macumba) was born in Mococa, São Paulo, Brazil. As a teenager, influenced by his older sister, he had his first contact with rap and the punk movement, which would later influence his illustrations. Political musical references inevitably led him to know the work of visual artists such as Emory Douglas and Basquiat. At 24, he moved to Argentina where he lived for 3 years, having worked in one of the largest communication groups in Latin America, the Clarín Group. Back in Brazil, he worked for many years as an Art Director in communication agencies, in parallel with his career as an illustrator, drawing for alternative bands from Brazil and abroad, as well as participating in independent international art events circuits. His illustrations feature strong and contrasting colors. The thick and irregular features are the attempt to merge their punk references with cordel literature. Existential and political themes are commonly found in his works, always expressed in pop and aggressive language, always seeking to bring some kind of reflection into his message.